Together, we grow the project.

We're building something new and fresh. Our vision is not just a list of ideas; it is a blueprint for creating a brand that is rooted in the web3 and focused solely on the needs of the community.


Yeah Tigers collection was conceived with the aim of creating a name, a brand of clothing that stands out from the rest, that is founded and driven by the community.

Through our online shop, and staking provided by Magic Eden, our owners will be able to wear their t-shirt with style.
Pick up a Yeah Tigers, stake it, and receive your unique NFT t-shirt. Wear it, and enjoy. Sharing the joy of knowing the web3 is our vision.
In collaboration with other great brands, the name "Yeah Tigers" will be given special attention in IRL pop-up shops around the world. Yeah Tigers is not just a collection, it's a lifestyle!


Our objective is above all to do something good, to create a community that supports each other and sends out good vibes. That's why we've created a calm and peaceful jungle within our Discord server.
We will also be organising IRL meet-ups, events, and animations for our community only, to share and show the world what Yeah Tigers are all about.
The Jungle will be a reality!


At the end of our mint, you can find our entire collection of 10,000 Yeah Tigers, playing with each other, on our website.
We have received, and are still receiving, incredible fan art from our community.
Of course, these works will also be exhibited in the same way as the Tigers at art fairs and galleries, especially in France.
Our team will make prints of some of them, and give them to you.
We believe in art, and we believe in the web3. We're just trying to bridge the gap, and share some of our passion.


As a team of music enthusiasts and knowledgeable in the area of electronic music composition, we would like to be able to launch a music project associated with the collection.
We will let you know more details very soon!


A token that could be used in the Yeah Tigers universe. It could allow you to collect new Yeah Tigers, get new custom merch and participate in exclusive holder-only events around the world to celebrate the Yeah Tigers movement!


We believe, and remain convinced, that digital art is still in its infancy. Part of our team, after the launch, will set up a studio where artists, sculptors or even renaissance art lovers can rub shoulders with web3 enthusiasts. The idea is to exchange, to confront our ideas, to evolve in a way that will allow the creation of a new way of bringing art to life and expressing creativity.
New collections will be created and airdropped.
Only for holders.